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Welcome To The Bitchery

single again.

So I posted a few days ago about my "boyfriend" and how I found his ex's tumblr. WELLLLLLL turns out last night they fucked. Today he seriously has the fucking nerve to text me to hang out for "a few hours" before he "is a dd for his friend." AKA HANG OUT WITH HIS EX SOME MORE & FUCK OBVIOUSLY. because I found this creeping hard, I can't let him know. I am going to probably just respond to his next text and tell him i never want to see him again, good night and good fucking luck.

Except that right now my friends are at the bar HE is always at. Hell, HE might come with his girlfriend. or his best friend may be there, and his best friend wants my friend SO fucking bad. This is getting so messy. This friend of mine texted and asked if I wanted to go (she lives 40 miles from here but somehow this absolute shit hole of a bar was recommended.) Obviously I said no, but I am waiting for updates in between feeling sick to my stomach and throwing up, and feeling nothing at all. On that note I also have to find a hot date to take to the NHL hockey game that I was going to take him to. Here's to more fun in that. and maybe a good drink tonight.


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