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Single life

It's been over two months. I feel like breaking up with this guy was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, and newly 30, I feel like I've figured out exactly what I want in a relationship and for now that is no relationship at all. I dated all through my twenties panicking about fertility and looking for someone to start a "real" life with. Good thing all the while I was getting a law degree, making friends and moving my career forward, so I don't see it as wasted time. I learned a lot.

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Besides the occasional "I wish you'd come back and grovel and look like an idiot and admit how selfish you are" fantasy that I keep to myself and my sister, I am doing pretty well, just lonely. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones is a slow process. You guys have been an enormous help. I'm looking forward to some things over the next couple of months - signings by authors I like, joining 2 book clubs, another writing class. Then the days will get longer and spring will come and I'll be able to take my dog around town without freezing our asses off.

Thanks, GT. You're amazing. I seriously, seriously, seriously do not know how I could have gotten through a breakup only a few days before my 30th birthday without your support.

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