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Single serving friends

I’m on a business trip to SF currently, so I went out to dinner by myself, as one does. I also maybe was eavesdropping on the conversation at the table next to me.

My impression was that they were on a first date, and she was late. He said something about how “his principles do not respect people who are late” and he wasn’t sure he should share the food he ordered BEFORE she arrived with her because of her lateness. She said “well, I texted as soon as I knew I would be late leaving work, and I also texted as soon as I was on my way.” She was apologetic, he would not have it and got his bill after she ordered her food but before it arrived, and he LEFT her alone to finish her meal.

The moment he left the table, I asked her if she wanted to join me at mine even though I was finished eating, and she agreed. I ordered another glass of wine, and we commiserated over his obvious douchiness and I offered to buy her a drink. We chatted for almost 90 minutes while she finished her meal. We talked about our respective work, her boyfriend (I was wrong about the date part; it was a first/last friend hang out) and what it’s like to move from the East coast to the West and what it’s like to be alone in a new city.


We got our bills together and parted ways, only ever knowing each other’s first names, but she told me that I helped make her night way less shitty than it started when she arrived at the restaurant. I will probably never see her again, but getting to know a stranger was a lovely way to pass the time. Also the food was great.

I feel like we were both able to be super honest with each other based on the teeny tiny length of time we were in each other’s company, and it was so refreshing.

I am always grateful for the magic bean in my being that allows me to meet strangers and connect. We didn’t exchange numbers or social media profiles, we just hugged and parted ways at the end of our meal together, and now I am alone again, in my hotel room, musing about a chance positive encounter because a dude was such a douchey douche that it brought two ladies together. Seemed like a story to share with GT.

Anyone else have anecdotes about jerks bringing ladies together; or meeting an awesome single serving friend? This is your thread.

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