A group I'm active in through my synagogue seems to suddenly be having an identity crisis. It's a group for post-college, pre-parenthood people, funded by a grant. We get together once a month for dinner and at least one other time a month for some kind of non-religious activity. We've gone on a nature walk, played board games, and gone ice skating, stuff like that.

Recently, it came out that some of the single members of the group didn't think the group was for them, but for married people. There are three married couples within the group, not counting the rabbi who runs it. There are two or three other unmarried couples as well, although only one is regularly active in the group. When advertising the most recent event, the facebook ad specifically targeted single people. I and one of the other married people were bothered by this. We were both even more upset when it was announced that there would be a singles event, organized and funded by our group. I'm not okay with it, but am having a hard time expressing exactly why this bothers me.

The way I see it, a small group of people felt left out, and instead of trying to find out why they feel left out, they decided to purposely create an event that leaves out a portion of the group. I wouldn't care if they decided to do this on their own, but I feel like group events should be for the whole group.

Single people, do you feel like married people at an event automatically make the event for the marrieds?

We're having a meeting this weekend to try and figure out what to do about this and I don't know how to put my thoughts into a coherent statement. Help?