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Sinks nor faucets are women unless I missed the point of commercial

I hate this commercial by Kohler. Its theme is faucets are flirtatious and sexy. Also a lot of sexy fun. Sinks and for spitting out when brushing ones teeth, soap and dirt when one washes ones hand. Faucets are for wetting the hands to wash or apply to face, rinsing out a razor or toothbrush. Well that essentially is it for me.

The song in case you are wondering is Black Magic Boy by Fran Hall. A 2 minute song thus video is song with lyrics.

I also hate the song. So ugh. Never heard of Fran Hall either. Anyone?

This guy seems to have a sink fetish. Also equating an object to people and give them human qualities is just wrong.


Unless I missed the point of the commercial and he is not alone in which I am 99.9 percent positive he js alone.

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