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Sinus Infections

Blow!! And I’m supposed to be flying this weekend for an out of town wedding in nowhere Wisconsin, or is it Michigan? I guess I should check that out. I also found out that the wedding is going to take up our whole time up there so I may not be able to visit some old friends in the area. Which is a bit of a bummer....

Anyways, the good doctor loaded me up with antibiotics and stuff to make my ears drain out. But still, i was all hopeful that this was just an asthma thing :( Oh and cuz i’m female i got some yeast infection treatment, just in case. I’m going to make mrchien buy me some yogurt to keep my good bacteria from completely dying out. Oh and i’m still on the steroids. I feel like i’m taking a ton of stuff now :( So... how’s everyone else doing? Any exciting plans for the week??


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