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Sinus Infections

Does anyone get a lot of sinus infections? I think I wrote about this before, but I get sinus infections constantly. If I don't have a sinus infection, I have sinus headaches. I take Allegra every day, a lot of Sudafed, and my doctor gave me a sample of a really expensive nasal spray the last time I was there. A month ago I had a sinus infection where I was hacking shit up, felt like crap, and my nose was running like crazy. It stopped being so bad for the last couple of weeks—there's been this junk sitting in my throat, but that's it.

A couple days ago the same exact thing started up again. I'm coughing like crazy—nasty shit is coming up, and my nose is starting to get stuffed up. I'm taking cough syrup and all the other stuff mentioned before.

I have had sinus infections for a few years, and Z-paks used to take care of it every time, but you know how antibiotics are—you use them too much and they stop working. The last time I took it, it made me worse. I got a fever after I started taking it.


I did some research online about sinus infections and there's a lot of info about them being caused by yeast or candida, so it makes sense that the antibiotics would make it worse. I've been trying to take large doses of probiotics to see if I can get it gone—someone at work recommended this coconut kefir that I'm drinking tonight. I also drink Kombucha every day—only fresh local made or on tap. I can't drink the shit in the bottles, nasty!

So I guess my question is does anyone else suffer with this? Is there anything that helps you? I think I need to see the allergist, but it's going to take awhile to get in. I had an appt with one, but then I had to cancel it when I had an emergency appendectomy (I am a mass of health problems, let me tell you!) and I never rescheduled it.

Sorry for the long post!

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