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Siri To Have Male Voice Option

Which sounds innocent, until you learn it's because women are viewed as less intelligent. Um, what?

Honestly, I can't decide who is pissing me off here.

Everyone is frustrated with Siri, and Apple's answer is to give her a male voice (please note: this in and of itself doesn't bother me) instead of improving the device, thinking people will have less of a problem with it. I'm not saying the research presented is wrong - I'm saying that Apple thinks people will not be annoyed at a male Siri and decided to go that route instead of making her functional.

Female voices are seen, on average, as less intelligent than male voices,” noted Nass, author of The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What Machines Teach Us About Human Relationships. “It’s safer in a sense to have a male voice in the sense that you’re not going to disappoint people as much.”


I'm not sure whether I am angry at Apple or the Huffington Post (of course I can't find a better source) or just EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

While Siri's new male persona may make the assistant seem more reliable...

Again, this could all be true - I don't have a reason to doubt Nass's research - I just hate it and now I'm mad. It's not rocket science, why people (in this country) might trust a male voice more than a woman. (hint: gender constructs, hoorah!)

In some countries, including France and the U.K., Siri debuted with a male voice. The dominant gender stereotypes in different nations helped determine whether Siri was endowed with a male or female voice, experts surmised. In the U.S., researchers have found users more accustomed to feminine avatars. Virtual personas with female voices can be seen as less knowledgeable than their male counterparts, but female voices are preferred in avatars that serve in a helper or assistant role, said Nass.

However, this truth is shitty and I think Apple's attempt to personalize Siri has left out one primary issue: that Siri is not all that effective. I am not finding much outrage about this on the internet but I, as iPhone user*, am outraged. Fix my Siri, goddammit, don't try to psychologically fool me into thinking it's smarter because of gender stereotypes I was raised to accept.

I guess I wouldn't feel this way if I wasn't missing the penis section of my brain.


*I would like to assure everyone I am not a drooling Apple fan who spends time obsessing about Apple products.

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