So I'm in a bit of a quandary here. The past few of Christmases, in lieu of exchanging gifts, my family has made charitable donations. Last couple of years we have put together school kits and health kits to be sent to refugees in Syria.

This year, we're going down to my sister's house, and she suggested we give diapers and want not to their local crisis pregnancy centre as a way of honouring her daughter who was stillborn back in Sept.

Given all the bad press Crisis Pregnancy Centres have been getting, I am not a fan of supporting them, but, given the fact that my sister recently lost her baby, it really doesn't feel like a time to get into a discussion on the topic of abortion.

Do I suck it up, and just make the donation? Look for an alternate baby-related charity in her area to go to? My sister's location makes it difficult to do the Syrian refugee thing again. Any other ideas?