I happened across this post the other day (no idea how), and skimmed it without looking at much of the contextual details. As I read I thought it sounded quite a bit like what's been happening at Jezebel over the past couple weeks, and then I checked the date and had a closing-scene-of-The-Shining moment. That picture's from 2009! That malevolent spirit has been living in this hotel for decades (in internet time)!

I was living abroad then and didn't really frequent this or any media site very much, so I don't know what went down around that time. It's just interesting that Jezebel is apparently doomed to alienate its readers over and over again with the same complaints, despite changes in leadership, and yet still survive, like Prometheus chained to a rock. Maybe there's a thesis in it in journalism or gender studies. Glad those aren't my fields.