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Sit right back this Republican Convention will be one for the history books

I was watching Joy Reid who was filling in at 8pm on MSNBC. She interviewed a delegate from Colorado who is also a teacher. The delegate she wants the rules to be changed to so delegates have a “conscience clause”, this delegate also stated that we live in a misconception that we are a democracy.

Oh boy. This is gonna be fun. Trump won the majority of the delegates, well over the number needed and about 1000 delegates more then Cruz.

You all know what Trump’s voters will do when Cruz is nominated. I suspect that’s why Cruz dropped out so he could move behind the scenes if you notice Cruz has not supported Trump. Bye bye republican party those voters sure will not be voting in November and if they do may vote democratic because their hatred of republicans may be stronger.


As much as I enjoy this. I do, really,.really do. It also sends a chilling message,.your vote really does not count in a primary. If the conscience clause takes effect. Why vote in a primary when the party leaders will do what they want anyways. You do not change rules midgame because you lost and don’t like it.

The republican party would be far smarter if they said “fine the voters spoke and Trump won”. Then after the election say to the voters “well you wanted.him, you got him, now we lost and we have to fix it for 2020". This way the RNC will have far more control of the 14 million voters. If they give the nomination to another person ala Cruz those 14 million sure as hell will not vote for anyone but Trump, they will see it as a theft and proof Trump.was right its rigged. Republicans will also jeopardize 2018, I doubt if many of the 14 million will vote again.

Oh the interview with Paul Ryan where he said folks should vote their conscience was about members of the US House not pledged delegates.

As I said before President Ford should have been the republican role model not Reagan. Also rise of Limbaugh and clones then Fox News was the republican parties ultimate undoing along with getting in bed with the evangelicals. Trump is the result Party Heads should have seen it coming. I suspect RNC head Michael Steele did, but we know his fate, gone as soon as he came in.

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