Some of you may recall a few months back when I posted about my Nana allowing her to be taken advantage of by this strange man in her neighborhood. Even with the steps we've taken with elder care, the police, the bank, etc, nothing has really stuck as she continues to invite him into her house and when we point out instances when he took her money, she'll lie and say that he gave it back or that he didn't mean it and insists that he is her friend. Even when we explain to her that he has been to jail for theft and forgery and has preyed on elderly people before, she ignores us.

One day my Aunt went over and realized that he knew how much money she had in her bank account while seeing her checkbook on the table. The bank and check cashing places is not supposed to allow him to cash any checks but he has been getting around it.

My father has been getting more and more calls from friends and neighbors about his strange and controlling behavior. He has basically pushed away her dear friend of 15 years - he still drives past the house to see if he is there and will call my aunt. But on Sunday, my dad got a call from my Nana's neighbor of 10 years that this man started yelling at him because she was in his backyard that connects to hers while they were chatting and she left her back door open. The creep suggested that she not spend as much time with the neighbor and my Nana - pretty much without a word - walked back to her house. I feel like he is trying to isolate her.

Yesterday, my Nana noticed a strange charge on her card for 150 dollars and found out that it was for things like cigarettes and things. She has emphysema and certainly wouldn't be buying that. Her old friend that she's pushed away happened to be passing and she waved him in to ask him if he knew anything about it. Right then, Walmart called asking if she would allow charges on her card. The old friend told her to say no. Obviously this creep stole her card. They finally got the card back from him and my aunt snatched the card and ran away. When my mother called my Nana, she said that he made a mistake and didn't mean to spend the money. My mom heard a male voice in the background and when he got on the phone, he stated that he was "Her son" meaning my Nana's son. Well, my Nana only has one son and he is married to the woman on the phone so she chewed him out. But that's pretty much all she could do.

Today, the friend of 15 years drives by and sees not only this creep on her porch but another man in a car. He called my Aunt and Uncle (my mother's siblings btw). By the time they all convened and got the police, the men had left and my Nana had none of her remaining cards in her possession. My dad rushed to cancel them all and we are hoping he caught it in time. Last I heard, my uncle and the police were going to this man's house.

But again, my Nana is basically allowing this all to happen. My father is in the process of declaring her unfit to make her own monetary and legal decisions - something that has been an issue even before this - so we can get a restraining order and perhaps put her in an elder care facility but the process is long and expensive and this issue is very much now.


I'm freaking out. I'm scared that on top of stealing her money and things that she doesn't even really have - he has stolen THOUSANDS at this point - that he is going to hurt her. This is the woman that I used to look up to and was always so smart and savvy and amazing. I can't believe this is happening.