In today's world, we have an infiante amount of choices to make (provided you live in a place where you know the "first world problem" joke). How you live your life is totally up to you and so you can take this little thought of mine, or leave it. I am a vegetarian. I am so by choice but not because of the (typical) reasons. I simply don't like the way that meat tastes or smells. Just about everybody I have met has challenged me to their claim of "I just didn't cook it right". Trust me, I did. I don't have a moral leg to stand on with my choice it is just personal preference. And along that vein, here are six awesome reasons to be a vegetarian.

Haggis. This will break my father's Scotish heart but pluck inside a sheep's stomach is disgusting.

Scrapple. I used to work with a guy hailing from "Slower-Lower" Deleware and he used to fry this up every morning at work on a hot plate. In the event that you don't know what it is, it is boiled down hog bones and endtrails.

Slatur. Imagine if you will, chopped sheep's fat and it's blood mixed together with salt and pepper and crammed inside a sausage skin to be consumed either hot or cold. Orgin: Iceland.

Balkenbrij. Yet another gem from those weird Viking ancestors of ours (only this time it's the Dutch), leftover stock from sausage making is mixed with the last bits collected at slaughtering farms boiled with flour and spices will give you this craftsman's loaf.

Chicken. Now it may seem a little strange to list on here after some really disgusting things, but what you actually are tasting on chicken just so happens to be one of the most common bacteria on the planet. Hence why you have probably heard "it tastes just like chicken".

Pangolin. Can you believe that people eat these super-cute little guys? Google image search "tree pangolin" and ask youself if you could eat that? The little guys don't even have teeth! They have to swallow stones to grind up ants in their stomach.