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Six Saturdays later my female cousin calls again tw death





As I wrote sex weeks ago she called to say her brother was found dead by his girlfriend the night before. He died of a heart attack late 60s. Since the brother and sister live next to each other she knew that night but called the next morning.


Well as I wrote her brother had a son and grandson. Almost every get together the father (brother) would get ticked off at his son for what he put in his mouth namely booze and sugary food, and say "mark my words you will be dead in a year". Last two years the son had lost two toes to his childhood diabetes and still ate what he wanted. Well according to my cousin (his aunt) since his dad died he lost another toe.

Well my cousin called to say the police.were at her home. The police found the sons body in his apartment. The grandson is living away at college about fifty miles away. The son lived.maybe five miles away from his father and aunt. She said she tried calling him for the past couple of.days with no answer. I have no clue who called.the cops.

She suspects.after he got home from losing his toe. No clue if its outpatient or not. He did what he always does and drink and ate what he wanted and went into a diabetic coma. That's her theory. At his dads funeral he was easily 280 pounds.

My generation on my mothers side and slightly younger. Vast majority of her generation are childless. We were essentially it. I am.childless too so.carrying on the family tradition.


I feel sorry for the grandson for losing his beloved.grandfather who essentially raised him and his father in six weeks. Sadly I feel very cold about this. If he used an ounce of common sense, if he listened to his doctors for one minute and his.father who knows. Total self destruction and selfish. Part of me is in a rage about his death. I should be shocked.that one younger.then I died. I was shocked when his dad died. His death my first thought was "oh thats not surprising".

I know this is fat shaming. Where is the line between fat shaming a person overweight but healthy and one who is always hospitalized for childhood diabetes, loses three toes and yet never listened to anyone over his food and booze intake or anything else. Where is the line between accepting another persons weight and not accepting it if its a clear path of self destruction that affects others.


If he had no son maybe I would feel differently ie less ragey. I know and loathe fat shaming but could it in some.situations be needed.

If you have childhood or adult diabetes I beg you listen to your doctor. The is my second cousin this decade dead from diabetes. The other about ten years ago it was adult diabetes her attitude was "I am on the needle I can eat what I want" she was in her early 70s, she died before she lost a foot. She kept putting off the operation and the gangrene? spread.

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