I found an article to go with what I wrote. Its attached to the bottom.

I heard last week about pushing high schools to be 6 year schools with grades 13 and 14 for students to get an Associate Degree. Good idea but I see it rapidly abused. I easily see athletic programs in HS and college pushing for students to be allowed delayed graduations with athletes delaying taking their required classes until year 13 or possibly 14. I can see colleges saying "if you come into college at age 18 you will be on the bench, but one more year of HS play will increase your chances for the following year". I see High Schools embracing it for making money by keeping star athletes an extra year. If you allow athletes to delay graduation to year 13 and 14 schools would have to allow all students to do that. I can see a rise then of part time HS students who will work and go to classes part time then graduate in year 14.

Also if these 19 and 20 year old go to these HSs for grade 13 and 14 are they required to have the same rules applied to them as 12th graders? Essentially treating them as Super Seniors?

Should these students in grades 13 and 14 working on an Associates Degree pay half of the cost? Should it all be borne on the cost of taxpayers? Although if those seeking delayed graduation you can't charge them thus you really cann't charge those going for an Associates Degree.

I could go along if a) athletes cannot play in years 13 and 14 and b) its strictly for associate degree or part time students. I think part A will be broken withen 5 years, athletic money is too much a lure and colleges are too powerful.

I think we need to think long and hard about turning high schools into 6 year schools. Having grades 13/14 in a different school would be ideal but very costly.


I am on the fence but very leery. Your thoughts? I am just in the pondering stage. I just need more thoughts by folks here who are great thinkers. articleonthis