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This adorable six-year-old is quite upset about the lack of Black Widow action figures in stores.

I was quite a bit upset about this myself the other day, when I was shopping for my step-daughter's eighth birthday in Target. Almost every other Avenger had a toy on the shelf, but there was no Black Widow (or, to be fair, Hawkeye) to be found. My step-daughter loves the Avengers movie, and I'd love to have a female superhero toy for her to play with. The toy appears to be able for order on Amazon, but only one is left in stock, which indicates to me that the company probably isn't making them any more.


I loved action figures when I was a kid. I was a huge Star Wars fan, and loved that I had a Princess Leia toy to interact with. I would have been devastated if she hadn't been available in stores. Star Wars is problematic in its lack of women characters, but one woman is at least better than none. There are already so few female characters in action movies, but now it seems like the toy industry is pretending that the few who do exist aren't even a part of the team. The "girl toy" separation has gotten that much harsher over the last twenty years, apparently.

(Note: the girl in the video is the same girl who was highlighted by Jezebel in 2011 when she was quite upset that all girls toys appeared to be pink).

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