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Hey, remember when Rush Limbaugh called feminists "feminazis"? That was funny, right? Because Feminists are not nazis, and he was pretty much talking about Strawman Feminists in the first place.


Well, boys and girls, put on your zoobas because Feminazis are back! This time, they have a cool new name, and it's not just your conservative radio personality calling them out. I am talking of course, of The Internet's favorite scapegoat: Social Justice Warriors, or SJWs in short. They're ugly, they're (irrationally) angry, and they live on tumblr!

But to be serious, I am so fucking tired of people bagging on Social Justice Warriors as if it makes them more progressive.I mean, yeah there can be some alienating stuff said on tumblr, but it's FUCKING TUMBLR! Unfollow or block and move the fuck on!The people on the shit-end of the social justice issues being fought for don't have that luxury.The offenses of the SJWs being complained about can be easily ignored, and they are hardly a part of the main institution of which we all live in.

Furthermore,when applied to things like fandom, SJWs are the only people who can make things interesting. One long circlejerk over what a GREAT episode of X show gets boring really quick. Bringing in criticism and alternate interpretations makes things fun. By saying that you wish there were no SJWs in your fandom means that you are against someone displaying critical thinking that doesn't align with your own. BOOOOORRRRIIIING!

And my final bone to pick with the anti-SJW crowd is that they are a thousand times more reactionary than any SJW could be able to be. I mean, how long did it take for Anita" Poster Child for SJWs"Sarkeesian to get rape threats? Say it with me folks: when people who agree with you are sending rape threats, you might possibly be wrong.Look at your life, look at your choices, and shut those idiots up if you have something constructive to say.


Anyway, while I'm just blowing off steam, I figure that anti-SJWs will come out of the woodwork because I wasn't a "good feminist" and decry those bra-burning, man-hating femina-I mean Social Justice Warriors. If not, perhaps we can get out of the 90s.

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