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I took a break from posting. Largely due to some family drama and some cyberstalking and just not being in the right mood to deal with all of it. I also took on a lateral move to managing a team four months ago, and that’s been eating a lot of brain power. So lots of starring, some commenting, no posting. I am going to try to do better to be an active member of GT.

What I have been doing is skating all the things. I have skated in four bouts so far this year, with 2 mix-ups and 1 bout coming up between now and August 1st. My team has three more bouts scheduled for the year, but it’s likely I will make only one of the three due to other commitments.

It’s been an interesting season - I was rostered as the Alternate for the first bout (a team is 14 women, with two alts - alts only skate if one of the 14 is not there at the start of the game) and we had two women have to sit out, so I got to skate. Weirdly, I wasn’t very nervous for that one because I hadn’t though I was going to be skating. In March, I was confirmed on the roster. That was a hard game - we had a jammer foul out, and I took a couple of hits that sent me flying.


Just under two weeks ago, we played one of the local WFTDA-affiliated teams (I’m USARS affiliated on a rec league - we practice 2 hours a week) and I’ve been trying to figure out since what was different about that day - I skated the game of my life. There was an injury on their side - one of their jammers broke her ankle - and that’s always terrifying, but we all held it together and got through. I also was honored by the other team as Most Valuable Blocker. It’s my first award in the year and a half I’ve been skating (and it’ll probably be that long before I see it again :D)

And last Saturday we drove to Rock Springs WY and played with 11. I jammed. I am not a jammer, but with 11 everyone jams. We had an ankle injury cause a skater to drop at the half, so we finished with 10.

We didn’t win a single one of these games, but I’m learning so much and growing so quickly right now as I just keep throwing myself into it over and over again.

And last night we hired Smarty Pants (skates for Texas - and sometimes Team USA) to come and run a three and a half hour clinic for us (nearly twice the length of a usual practice). I knew going into it that it would be hard and past my skill level and uncomfortable (especially the day after driving 5 hours post-bout). What it really was was incredible and amazing. I felt like I learned a lot. Probably more than I can even articulate at the moment. She was sweet and funny and friendly and fantastic - if you have the chance to take a clinic from her I highly recommend it.


We’re headed into our next season in July (we run two - January and July are one month of basic skills for everyone - vets and new recruits) and I’m actually looking forward to basic skills as a result of this - I have a better understanding of why I need to be able to do some of the things I cannot yet and more drive to try to conquer them.

And now I want to go buy new wheels. All the wheels. Harder wheels for my home surface - per Smarty our floor is perfect for 100s - and softer wheels for the next time I have to skate on polished concrete because damn I hate that surface. Right now I have the one set of 93s that came with my skates and while they’re working(ish) it might be nice to have options.

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