I’m not gonna link it cuz it’s below and on the mainpage. Here’s my issue with the whole thing. Having your mom fight your battles reeks of entitlement and privilege. There i said it. All the people complaining that their schools didn’t take them seriously until their parents stepped in. That’s too bad, but you still had parents who were able to advocate for you.

As a first time college student and American Indian i did not. My parents loved me but they had no idea how college worked. And besides, given that many of my cousins were graduating high school with a couple of kids, in their minds i was a grown adult at 18. I know the science shows we don’t finish developing our brains until we’re 25. But for many of us we’re required to be adults much earlier than our development. So I only give so much slack for being in their early twenties because i have known people that age who were in situations where they had to be the adult in the room and they handled it with more grace than i could have in my thirties. Young adults and children are often more capable than we give them credit for.

I think the assignment is skeevy and weird. I never would have taken the class, or bailed the first week. But having my mom call the press or school and complain was not an option for me. At 18 i was on my own. (I’d been supporting myself since 16 but that’s another story) What i do wonder is who in the school cleared the assignment and how come student groups or other professors haven’t said anything about it before. Or how come the student isn’t aware of where and how they can go to protest this thing. Where are the student voices on this class and it’s assignment?

As far as i’m concerned there are two issues here. 1. The actions of the mother relative to her spawn 2. The assignment/class It’s not helpful to conflate the two.