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There are many words I would use to describe myself: feminist, liberal, lover of knowledge, skeptic, atheist... Aquarius?

My embarrassing secret: I love astrology. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the pseudoscience. I have books and calendars, charts, profiles, and cards. I have 'traditional' astrology books, Celtic astrology charts, Chinese astrology details... All of these things are tucked away under Arendt books and DVDs and tattered copies of collected shorter stories from one auteur or another.


I don't, by any means, allow my horoscope to dictate my actions, I don't really believe that sign profiles are accurate or adroit.

The reality is that I can't pinpoint why I like it so much. When it's all shaken down, it must be that I find the musings of an astrologer strangely comforting. Read any long term horoscope or star sign profile, and, with every warning of impending hardship, there is a proclaim action that "This is your year, Aquarius!" (I suspect I've had many ME years, and if I did a thorough analysis, I'm sure they would roughly line up to the same number of years as I have occupied my body.)

I'm not a regular horoscope reader, and I rarely dust off the books that I'm ashamed to display, but when I do, I'm always glad I did. Based on my most recent foray into the field, 2015 is really looking up.

What say you, GT? Anyone else have a love for such things, despite your logic screaming at you?

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