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Skepticism & the Scary Story thread

I live in a house that has frequent...disruptions, we’ll say. Disruptions of the spooky kind. Therefore, when someone tells me their house is haunted, or they’ve experienced something paranormal, I’m willing to listen, because no shit, my ghost takes pictures on my camera and throws things, so I’m willing to believe your story.

Every year I anxiously await (as I’m sure many of you do) the annual spooky story thread on the Jez MP. And every year, I think some of the stories are retellings of urban legends (especially the ones that start with “this happened to my aunt’s neighbor when I was a kid”-variety), some definite creepy ones, and some that make me angry that I’m reading them by myself at night.

This year, the very first story I read tonight was the one involving the tarot cards on the crib pillow and knives being thrown into doors...and I call such bullshit. Like, I rolled my eyes so hard, I’m blind now. I’m typing this with no eyes, guys. It’s a combination of the “I’m such a skeptic” along with the extremities (knives thrown and lodged in doors) with the giant leaps from skepicism to calling a paranormal investigator to tarot spread that the OP doesn’t want to talk about to a demonic attachment. And now, every story I’m reading feels tainted.


Are they super meh this year, or have I been desensitized to creepy stuff?

ETA: If a GTer is the writer of this story, sorry!

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