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Skepticism, wanting to believe, and what would you do?

Last night, I watched this video of the Buzzfeed LadyLike ladies and their session with Tyler the Medium.

Videos like this are fascinating to me. I’m mostly on the Kristen and Jen side of things, where I am very skeptical. In this video, Kristen points out that she still isn’t sure that she ‘believes’ Tyler, and thinks he is just really good at cold reading and poking people in their “pain points” and evoking a reaction. And, Jen is basically ready to fight him at the the beginning for taking advantage of grieving people.


But, even as a total skeptic, there are sometimes moments that make me go “okay, maybe.....”. I often resort to the joke that “I’m a Virgo, but too much of one to believe in things like astrology”. Deep at my core, I don’t believe, but there is always that little niggle of “maybe”.

And, even if I don’t believe, I can see the value sometimes. Like in this video where Chantel comes out of this with some peace of mind about her dog. I don’t think there is any harm done. And when it comes to things like tarot cards. In many cases, even if the cards aren’t actually working based on any supernatural forces, they still force you to sit and think about things and take an assessment of your life.


On the other hand, I think of people like Miss Cleo, and people that spend thousands of dollars on ‘psychic hotlines’ and other frauds.

So, what do you think of mediums and supernatural stuff like that? If mediums are real, is there anyone you would like to connect with?

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