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Ski resort bear embraces civilization

Is the ski life the best life for a bear? Maybe for Heavenly, the ski resort bear, as reported here, on Yahoo.com. One young bear finds life at the ski lodge a far more suitable life for the modern bear than foraging in the wild.

A bear that apparently became too accustomed to the good life at a ski resort at Lake Tahoe is headed for an animal sanctuary or zoo after wildlife officials decided he's unfortunately become too domesticated to be returned to the wild.

The year-old black bear, dubbed "Heavenly," was captured in March after it settled in next to a ski lift at the Heavenly Mountain Resort at Stateline on the California-Nevada line.


Now to us, it might seem as if it is understandable that he'd want this ski bunny life. I mean, hanging out at the lodge, drinking hot chocolate and drinking bourbon while chatting up some hot lady bears is a life that seems desirable for most of us. And I mean, if I knew there was a bear at the ski lodge, I mean, I'd go. Who wouldn't want to hang out with a bear? I loved Grizzly Adams. My stepdad had a pet bear for a while. Of course, he's a weird severe alcoholic, so who knows what went on there? And it is the backwoods of Maine. Being out in the woods, living by yourself, makes you weird. Trust me. I know. I do remember when he brought home the goat though. She was lovely. She's scamper towards us in her goaty way. My mom still say that she was one of our sweetest pets. And we had ducks in our bathroom. That was odd. But damn, I always wanted a bear. I missed out on that shit.

But anyway, despite that fact, experts caution us, you know, that's not so great:

"It's a disaster for this magnificent animal," Healy said. "Wild animals should not be in cages their whole life. It's a real indictment of the way garbage is handled, or not handled."

Heavenly is currently staying at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center in South Lake Tahoe, California, where he earlier was treated for a puncture wound to the shoulder and scraped up pads on the bottom of his feet.

"Our primary goal is to keep them wild," said Jason Holley, supervising wildlife biologist for the California Department of Fish and Game. "But apparently, this one is just looking for handouts from people."

Now I interviewed an old Grizzly who told me that when he was young, he didn't need hand outs. He went and killed the salmon on his own. The young are soft and dependent and lazy. Bootstraps, man, the Grizzly made bootstraps from branches and honey, like an Ayn Rand version of Winnie the Pooh and didn't need ANYONE. That's what is missing from today young bears. They are soft, like pandas.


But also, in reality, it does speak to the issue of human encroachment and lack of respect for the bear's habitat. Clean up your stuff, guys. Bears don't benefit from being dependent on you for their food supply.

Picture and More from Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

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