This is pretty inane, but sometimes I find myself realizing how ill-prepared I really was for adulthood. I credit that to my Brazilian upbringing, as typically people didn't leave their parent's homes until marriage or children of their own(in the middle class or aboveā€”among lower-income/rural families, it was common for children to leave in their teens to find work in the city) . This trend seems to be slowly shifting, but I still have friends in Brazil today (ages 25+) who still live with their parents. Anyway, that's a topic I can explore in a different post. I feel that since my parents waited a while to leave the home, they weren't really ready for me to leave at age 17, so I've always had skills and habits that I had to learn as an adult. I'll list some of the skills I've had to self-teach in adulthood.

1) Cooking. I am now very comfortable with cooking, but that is a recent occurrence for me. Last Christmas, I cooked several dishes for my family, and everyone made lots of comments. They were baffled by the idea that I had learned to cook from following food blogs. My mom was never a great cook, so I didn't learn much from her.

2) Styling my own hair. I am pretty embarrassed at how hopeless I am at this, still. I can put my hair in a ponytail and a bun, that is it. I can barely straighten it, cannot curl it or braid it, and don't get me started on trendy styles from Pinterest.

3) Keeping the house clean/organized. I suck at cleaning. Well, not cleaning exactly, but I have never developed a habit of cleaning or tidying regularly. I am working on it (Unfuck Your Habitat is awesome!), but it's not happening anytime soon.


4) Anything related to car maintenance. This is super embarrassing. I never owned a car until less than 2 years ago, so I never really learned how to take care of one. If anything ever goes wrong with my car, it is going to the shop.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Add your own!