I've talked about my skin problems numerous times and I'd love to start an open discussion with the rest of you out there who are battling the never ending war against your epidermis!

Tell me what you're struggling with, what solutions you've found, what helps, what doesn't.

Just keep in mind that what works for you might not work for someone with a similar issue since climate, body type, skin type, etc can all factor in, so don't be offended if someone isn't down with your style =)

My major problem is my cystic acne and the scars they produce. Although the ones on my face are frustrating, my back is worse than it has ever been. I had never gotten cystic acne on my back before this year. I had been on birth control which kept most of it (but not all, never all) in check but it was making me suuuuuuper depressed. After I stopped taking it my acne got worse, but my mood it just a lot better, I think it was the right choice. In the past I mostly get them either on the bridge of my nose, forehead, or cheeks right below the eye. I've actually had more than one in high school that became swollen so bad that my eye partially closed. Now I am getting more on my jawline mostly close to the ears, which I understand is a clear sign of a hormonal imbalance, possibly from the years of birth control use my body might still be adjusting to the change.


Basically I've gone through almost every major life milestone with a pimple on my face. That's kind of upsetting. I don't think people often talk about their skin problems because we're convinced that they're treatable. That we can change our situation but honestly I really don't know if mine will ever change. Dermatology isn't changing. Skincare products aren't changing. And the lure of delicious processed food isn't changing. Everyone has this remedy or that remedy and just give it time and it'll get better and ignore this or don't worry about that or sacrifice your sanity for a change in hormones or deal with the adverse effects of antibiotics or accutane or strong hormonal medications or topical retinoids for the sake of these uncomfortable conditions we struggle with. It's hard and no one gives us credit for it because no one wants to hear about it. Well, I do, so let's talk