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Skincare and beauty chat - plus a question!

Shit is getting me down lately, so I’m going to ignore/deny my troubles by posting about BEAUTYLICIOUS BEAUTY. Please join me!

The latest iteration of my skincare routine - you know, for those periods of time when I’m motivated and organized - is doing most of the stuff at night before bed, and then in the morning just rinse my face and run over it with some Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. Then a little lightweight moisturizer and, if I’m feeling energetic, some fun stuff - makeup. My basics are usually light-to-medium coverage foundation, eye shadow primer, something from my true love eyeshadow palette, and mascara. I recently dipped my toe in to the roiling waters of contouring with this and it is AWESOME! I just do a little bit, very very subtle, and I’m really liking how it looks. I use this lip conditioner and then some sort of lip color - I have far too many of those and usually just pick one at random. I’m kind of all or nothing when it comes to makeup - either I have the energy and time to do it all, or I do absolutely nothing. Completely inconsistent.


Before bed I wash off all that slap with makeup remover for the eyes and then this heavenly cleanser I fell in love with from a recent Birchbox sample. Whole Foods carries a gazillion products from this company, and I tried the “sensitive dry skin” version of this cleanser but honest to Goddess it stripped the hell out of my skin. Exchanged it for the gel and my face has been happy ever since. I’m about halfway through a jar of these exfoliating pads and they seem to be doing a good job. I’ll probably get another jar when they’re done. Then I’ll apply some night cream and another swipe of the Avon lip conditioner and I’m ready for my beauty sleep.

So here’s my question, and it’s a 2-parter: how long should I wait after using the exfoliating pads before I put on moisturizer? Like, should I give it a while before I put something on top of it? And also, how long before bed should I put on the night cream? I always feel like it’s just going to rub off on my pillow if I do it RIGHT before I lie down, you know?

Help me, makeup-havers! You are my only hope.

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