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I was on Accutane twice as a teenager (another post for another day), and until a year ago, I had only the occasional blemish.

For whatever reason, 12 years later, I now have some zits again (perhaps because my skin took this long to recover from being desiccated from the drug?) and my regular soap isn't getting rid of them. Until the past year, I could go without washing my face for days and still get no zits. Now, I should probably go back to washing twice a day and I should probably be using some sort of acne-busting face wash.


My skin is still really sensitive and dries easily, so I don't want to use anything harsh because that could irritate my skin, making it look worse. I just want a mild face wash that will control my pimples. I'd also like a recommendation for a topical gel because I sometimes get some really bad pimples that need extra attention.

I literally haven't had to buy face wash in over a decade, so I could use your help!

ETA: As usual, you guys are the best source of crowd-sourcing! Thanks so much!

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