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Skincare Rx Update

Fuck Minocycline.

So last night I started scratching my elbow. Didn’t think much of it, just figured it was a really bad bug bite. So I just proceeded with my evening thinking nothing about it and went to bed like usual.


Sometime around 4am I woke up itchy all over. I figured maybe this is heat rash, it’s been humid here lately and I did fold hot laundry the night before. But I couldn’t take the itching, so I got up in the middle of the night and took a cold shower, hoping that would be enough.

Cut to two hours later, the sun is up, and I have turned into a strawberry! Both my knees were bright red and I was definitely breaking out into even more hives. Somehow I managed to get hives everywhere except for my face.

So I retraced my steps to try to figure out where the hives were coming from. Couldn’t be heat rash, because I was getting it everywhere and not just in heat sensitive places. Though my thighs were angry as hell. My hands swelled up into balloons and everything was on fire. I had no reason to think it was bedbugs, but I checked anyway. No bedbugs, thank goodness. Then I thought of my medications and looked up the side effects for the two most recent things I’ve been on. Spironolactone had nothing about hives or rashes, just dizziness which I have already dealt with. Minocycline, however, lit up like a Christmas tree! Story after story of people who had been on it for a few days and then broke out into terrible hives. I’m not allergic to any medication, or at least I wasn’t until now.

So I texted my bosses and said: “Can’t come in, bad reaction to meds and now I look like I’m a rock formation.” and looked up urgent care wait times. Urgent care wasn’t open for another hour, but the ice pack and Cortisol cream weren’t doing shit, so I drove to the 24 hour grocery store in morning traffic and bought some Benadryl and took it in the car.


Hours later I awoke from my antihistamine stupor. The nurse I sent a message to replied and told me to stop taking both the Spiro and Mino immediately and wait for further instruction. I’m still a little spotty and I’m trying real hard to avoid scratching my really itchy toes. But at least I don’t look like a strawberry anymore.

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