So, with all the news lately, I’ve been trying not to sink into despair.

Join me for a fluffy respite and please tell me all of your skin care loves, lusts, and success/horror stories! Below is what’s been working wonders for me. Sorry for the gigantic pictures.

I’ve noticed that for the past couple years, my skin, while being relatively blemish free, was looking increasingly haggard and worn, and increasingly sun-spotty. (You really don’t realize what youthful bounce and plumpness your skin has until its gone -_-)

I am delighted to report that my skin has not looked this good since...a couple years ago! And my entire regiment is really simple and basically ALL Trader Joes!

To clean: Trader Joe’s Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil


To tone: TJ’S Rose Water Facial Toner (Thanks to the GT-er who recommended this AMAZING product! Also doubles as THE BEST setting spray and speedy pimple-shrinker/vanisher)

TJ’s Antioxidant Facial Serum (of which I was skeptical, but I think it really has contributed to livening up my skin):


Moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Love this stuff!


I use a Biore sunscreen. Oh! And TWO things that have finally transformed by perpetually cracked, peeling, lips. No matter how much water I drink, my lips were in WRETCHED shape. Just...awful. So, believe the hype about the Laniege Sleeping Lip Mask! Believe it! It’s $20 bucks at Sephore, but $16 on amazon. It really fucking works.

What also works, despite the vaseline-y feel, is something called Lipsmart. It has a hefty $30 price tag, and is something you can get a sample of at Planet Beauty. According to the Planet Beauty lady, it was developed to help people who are going through chemo. I was very surprised to see how much fuller my pout looked too! If your lips are as chronically terrible as mine, I think it’s worth it. For now, my huge sample is serving me well, and with the lip sleeping mask, I don’t need to run out and buy it now.


Oh! And I got this for my birthday and I lava it! I enjoy masks, but sometimes it’s hard to see a discernible difference. I tried a sample first, and was legitimately impressed. The Philip Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask delivers!


I’m excited; I’ve also ordered a few things by Klairs from Wishtrend and a couple things from the Ordinary. I will test those things out and report back.