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Welcome To The Bitchery

The awesome things about being a nanny are many. One of the not-so-awesome things, however, is that not every children's book is Dr. Seuss-quality. Some of them are downright stultifying, and the ones I have grown to hate the most recently are the Skippyjon Jones books by Judy Schachner.

The stories are about a little anthropomorphized Siamese kitten named Skippyjon Jones who wishes he was a dog instead, a concept which might be pretty cute except that he envisions himself as a chihuahua. The scenes where he hangs out with his (imaginary?) chihuahua friends are full of exaggerated Mexican stereotypes that make me feel very uncomfortable reading them out loud. Neither I nor the kids I nanny are Mexican-American, so I am interested in hearing others' perspectives on these books. I think this blog post makes some excellent points about the ways these books are problematic. I mean, tacking "ito" on the end of every other word? That doesn't even make sense!

I also tend to get bored halfway through the books as I don't find them very interesting or entertaining, but that's not really relevant to the main question: have you heard of or read these books? Do you think they are racist?

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