Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Professional cool dudes of Jezebel, I need you now. More than I’ve ever needed you before. For professional advice. I beseech thee.

The scenario: I’ve applied for a legal assistant position. They want to interview me via Skype during my lunch break tomorrow. They know I will be at work and this will be my lunch break.


What I wonder: whether this more professional to conduct the call via computer, or iPhone?

Also, where to conduct said interview? My office is utterly devoid of private, lock-able rooms where I might abscond for a moment. My options are to book a conference room (will this come off as shady? Unprofessional to my current company? Is it too risky in an office full of busybodies?), my car (a shitty Saturn, definitely not nice, and probably not well lit), or a cafe? There’s a quiet one up the street, but it’s still a public place, which also makes me feel a bit awkward.


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