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Slacking off in Fairyland

I am a fantastic idea person. I can see the big picture, put together the right team, and coach things through to the end. When *I* have to do the grub work? BLLLEEERRRGGGHHH.

When last we visited my Fairy empire, I was busy sitting on my fairy throne, counting my fairy money (that I hadn’t made yet). I got busy buying tiny plants and plotting my fairy dominance of the fairy marketplace...After an auspicious fairy start, I got bogged down at work. Then I left for vacation. Then I attended week-long Leadership Academy for work. Then I went on vacation AGAIN. In this midst of this, I’ve been trying to network like crazy because there is a not insignificant chance I’ll lose my job in the next year. But my first fairy foray came together so well!

I started working on small house #2 in between vacations, planning on making a little stone house that turned into an igloo, because holy shit, why did I think embedding little stones would be easy? My days off have mostly been filled with laundry, GoT fanfic, and cataloging my BPAL collection into a spreadsheet. I am a world class fairy slacker.


House #3 is sculpted, but I still need to cover it in bark and gather tiny red leaves to cover the shingles.


But I’ll probably take a nap.

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