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Welcome To The Bitchery

I assume everyone knows about Cliven Bundy's racist comments about slavery and his defense for his remarks on CNN this morning. Afterwords a commentator said Bundy and others like him are into "slavery nostalgia" he condemned Bundy and others but to me this notion is repugnant and kinda lessens the repugnant attidudes Bundy and his ilk have. Nostalgia connotes for me harmless thinking of the past in good ways like $1 movie tickets, connecting it with slavery is deeply troubling. For Bundy and his ilk it shows a) a total ignorance of history b) a total ignorance of what slavery is c) racism at its worst d) lacking total empathy for people who doesn't look like you and e) its dehumanizing.

I do wish another word besides nostalgia was used like racist wannabe slave owners using nostalgia to me just lessens it and this thinking never should be lessened.


Your thoughts?

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