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Slay Belle

I don't know who Slay Belle Katarina* is, but she's rather successfully buried me in google search results.

I participated in Kate Harding's BMI project approximately 8million years ago. For a long time, that was the first result you got for me, despite my many, many published posts on Persephone, or all my social media accounts. Now it appears to be gone. About 3/4s of the way down the image search page it returns a result of a photo of a 3 year old me, if you were super interested in seeing it.

Anyone here google themselves? I don't do it very often, but I've had some issues with stalkers, and I like to check in every once and again to see if they've resurfaced.


*Yes, I get that I could click on one of the many links that shows up as a result and find out, but I feel like I get the gist of it based on the image search results.

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