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Nothing important. I just want to sleep.

My family is visiting from out of town, and I'm working an overnight shift. Between wanting to maximize visiting time with them and having to work, I'm not getting much sleep.

Right now, being awake feels like:


(Also: the overnight team consists of mostly women, including me, and a couple of guys. All the other women are currently in deep conversation, and I am not included. I'm swinging wildly between feeling left out and feeling relieved that I don't have to pretend to be a functional human being.


Also, because I'm basically just Sleep Deprivation at this point, my anxiety is through the roof. One of the guys disagreed with something I said facetiously - he disagreed very quietly and directed his comments to someone else, but I heard - and I couldn't help but take it personally. Like, dude, I was obviously being sarcastic. Now, I'm sitting here wanting to go over to him and to respond to his disagreements. It's causing me major unnecessary anxiety.)

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