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I have boarded The Walligator since he was 6 months old because I travel for work. I can occasionally do creative accounting to cover it, but mostly I can’t, which is fine. I love his snout~nose & want him to be happy. He was born happy & has never had a bad day in his Wally life.

Dawg Camp raised their prices, A LOT. Doubled their prices, in fact. I’m a single Krab with 2 large dogs & a mortgage, so, I can’t afford his Happy Place anymore and I’m sad about that. I’m even sadder for Walligator because he loves it there & they love him. It’s a dawg party shit show in the very best way, but sadly, they are pricing us out.

I went Google~ing for an alternative and found this: https://dogvacay.com

Has anyone used this service? If so, what were your experiences?

I emailed with a woman tonight and have an appointment for a meet & greet on Tuesday. I’m hopeful, but wary. She seems lovely & has a large dog for Wally to make friends with & a fenced yard & run of the actual house, yet I’m wary. Anyone have experience with this?


Enjoy some Wally~Face at Dawg Camp:

His first day of sleep~away camp, at 6 months old~(Dawg Camp posts peektures & videos every day, which is why I have these peektures)

ETA: It used to be $50 to $60 for one night of boarding & wild playtime. They are now charging for parts & pieces. My trip last weekend to a wedding cost me $125 for ONE night of boarding & playtime. I got my hotel in NYC free, on credit card points. Ouch.



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