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Sleep Deprivation

I think I made a mistake at work, and now it's a waiting game to see if my board blows up about it. As a result, I'm not sleeping well. I just keep rolling through scenarios of how they might react to it, everything from blowing it off to freaking out.

I offered a discount on something in a local publication and I probably should have cleared it with them. It happened several months ago when I kind of got railroaded into participating in this publication, but it's just been published so people will start using the coupons in it. I didn't realize a that offering a discount wasn't required, but they made it sound like we had to offer one to be in the publication. Now I'm worried that the discount I offered will cut into profits, even though I can make that up elsewhere I know the board might be unhappy about it.


I can probably spin it to them as a PR move or research into our marketing. But I don't know if I should go to the president and bring it up or wait for them to find out about it.

Well, chalk it up to the learning curve in the first 3 months of a job where you're the sole employee of a board of directors. I just want to sleep without self-medicating.

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