Over the course of my life, I have periodically suffered from a terrifying kind of dream that I never had a name for. Within the dream I would suddenly be in danger, but unable to move or scream. After reading about sleep paralysis, I recognized some of the symptoms, but not all. I never have an awareness of being awake but unable to move, it's always during a dream. I suspect it's the result of attempting to use my physical body within a dream. This was reinforced the other night when, during my dream, I attempted to yell for Foxylocksley because I saw an intruder in our backyard—but was unable to make noise. I guess my panicked attempts actually manifested through my physical body as loud whimpering that woke up Foxylocksly, who then woke me up. The other nigh, I actually dreamed about having one of these dreams. In my dream I was napping, but could tell someone had come into the room. Afraid it was an intruder, I struggled to wake myself up. When I finally did it turned out it was Foxylocksley, coming to have a talk with me about not wanting to be together anymore (which was, thank god, also a dream).

Like I said above, I've been having them as long as I can remember, but they are semi-infrequent, usually occurring several times a year.I usually do manage to pull myself out of the dream, and feel really panic-y for a while before being able to fall back asleep.

Anyway, my question is, does anyone else experience this? Is it actually a form of sleep paralysis, or something else? If you have experience them, were you able to find a way to deal with them?