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Welcome To The Bitchery

And I do mean the sleeping sort, not the more active variety *wiggles eyebrows* So I’ve been seeing someone for a few months now (dare I dub him Boobieguy..?) and things are going really really (really really) well. We just seem to have 1 big challenge: we can’t seem to SLEEP.

(ETA sleepy kitty gif for entertainment)

I’m bad at falling asleep, I need a million tiny movements and turns before I fall asleep and probably have to pee 3 times first. I sleep worse when someone is with me but eventually I do fall asleep. It’s not even so bad when I’m with him, because I feel calm and comfortable. Which is a shame because he sure as hell can’t sleep! We spend about 2 nights a week together and often end up being awake most of the night.


I’ll admit that it can be cute at times when we wake up in the middle of the night, turn to each other and go “hi” “hi” or wave at each other because we’re both awake. (I wake up the minute he does, for some odd reason). We figured with enough time we’d get used to each other and sleep would get better. It seemed like it was improving, there were some nights with actual quality sleep.

But last night he slept 2 cycles out of the whole night, a whopping 3 hours tops. Putting me at probably 4 hours. Although probably less. We really _want_ to spend these nights together but it’s a challenge if we end up continually sleep deprived. He is getting quite frustrated with himself.

Does anyone have any advice on sleeping in bed with someone else?

Things we are going to try :

  • keep the room cold
  • no more cuddling before/while falling asleep: hardcore sleep postures only!
  • kicking him out of bed when he can’t sleep, possibly put a guitar in his hands so he can chill out and get tired again instead of getting all frustrated while trying to sleep
  • 2 blankets?
  • ??

I wish I’d shared more about him on GT here because there are so many cute goofy stories there of the last few months ^^ (I was a bit afraid of some people disapproving here on GT and didn’t want to break our happy little bubble I guess..).

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