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"Sleepless in Austin" is back at it

Everyone's heard of this wackadoo by now, right? We've talked about him here on GT, my link goes to a main page article.

Three Guineas, a blog that describes itself as "explor[ing] how gender works in pop culture while also highlighting the work of female writers, filmmakers, artists, singers, and actors," wrote a short and apropos post about Mr. Rose, titled: We’re All Dating “Sleepless in Austin.”


Besides being on-point, this little missive offers up what I, frankly, feel like is one of the funniest photographs ever, in perpetuity —

Ha! Still funny.


I was never really aware of there being so many feminists in America until I created my website, I just always thought these types of women with these thoughts/attitudes were either bull dykes, ugly women that can’t get laid, or straight up bitches! haha!!! I had no idea that these are what are actually known as “feminists”! haha!!!! It’s so ironic that when I think of the word feminine or feminist I picture these images in my mind of beautiful women that are very submissive and feminine and lady like, you know the way real women are supposed to be!

Oh yeah, if I was dating a girl and she knew how much I loved her hair and knew how beautiful her hair was and then she just shaved it bald one day without giving a damn to how that would make me feel,
yeah I’d probably break up with a inconsiderate bitch like that and then wonder how did I ever fall in love with someone like that in the first place.

and I’m like get over it bitch, stop trying to be so dominant, submit to some of these things a man likes and let him be a damn man and have some damn say in things!


** Choice quotes selected.


Also, I somehow missed that this dude links all of his crap back to his business website. Guess what he does? He's a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. Here's his site: romeorose.com


Ladies, tell your friends!

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