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Sleepy Husband

Mr. Haa is driving me crazy with his morning routine. He has never been a morning person (neither am I but I've learned to deal with it) and he is insanely slow to wake up/get out of bed. Even if he oversleeps he can't just jump out of bed and get going. He has to lay there, usually falling back asleep a few times, check his phone, and then maybe he'll finally get out of bed. My approach has always been whatever do what you want. But the problem is even when we know we have to get up early to go somewhere he'll take his sweet time and is always asking me to make sure he's up. You're a grown ass man, set your alarm and get up when you have to. I feel like a nagging bitch when I have to constantly remind him it's time to get up. Eventually after I ask him to get up a few times (before I get in the shower, after I get out, once I get dressed) I'll snap at him and then he's always wondering why I'm in a bad mood/stressed out before we have to go somewhere. Anyone have any advice from experience with partners like this or if you are like this? What can I do to get him up without it driving me insane?


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