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Sleepy Kitty: My Cat Is Sleeping Near My Lap and Too Cute to Move edition

Also, I’ve been watching the Kitten Lady videos yesterday and today, and when Bonny hears the kittens meow, she stands up and pokes her head over the arm rest of my reading chair, or looks around for where the sound is coming from 😂


Bonus “cuddling with catnip possum toy” photo and “adorable pet tent” photo:


Last but definitely not least, I sent cat supplies to my parents this weekend, and here is 13-year-old Lillie looking very happy after playing with her new cat toys! It makes me happy to make her happy. My dad is sending me updates on both of the cats, which I really appreciate! And as I educate myself more about cat welfare-well of course I wish Lillie and her cat brother were with me, and hopefully they will be one day soon. And the situation with my parents is far from ideal. But they’ve never *not* known love, or warmth, or access to food and water, or to basic medical care. In fact, since I educated my parents a bit on the type of food suitable for senior cats with dental issues after taking them to their Jan vet appointment, Lillie looks like she’s put on some weight! That is A LOT more than what a ton of cats get. Though of course I am going to continue to do all I can for them. But the point is: I feel tons better about the situation. And even though my mom is who she is, I still love her, even if it is better for me to stay away from her. So I am glad that Lillie provides her with love.


(Lillie is in second video of this IG post; Lillie is groomed at home, but the vet says her age is likely making it difficult for her to tend to her fur, so that is why it looks a bit ruffled. As I said, the situation is not perfect—but like the vet said, it could be way worse, and with cats this age, advocating for them is a good thing).

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