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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I know it's autumn in many other places, but it's hot as summer in Dakar right now. I have slowly given less and less fucks about showing my fleshy arms to the world. Today I am going sleeveless and not caring one bit.
So much has been done to make women feel they can't show their arms unless they look a certain way. Let me be the first to tell you that it's bullshit if you haven't been told before. The only thing required for going sleeveless is not wearing sleeves. It'll feel a lot better in the heat than sweating under a cardigan.
And to keep things topical to the holiday, this outfit is the base of my costume. I have a knockoff Alexander McQueen skull scarf I was going to wear as a shawl. Should I just say I'm dressed as death and call it a day? I plan on wearing much more makeup than in this picture, and I'll do something with my hair by the end of the day.The Halloween party I'm going to doesn't start until 11PM, so I've got plenty of time.thanks in advance!

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