Back during the Second World War, my grandmother made a child’s coat to be sent to the UK for a needy family. She stuck a piece of paper with her name and address in the lining of the coat.

Once a family received the coat, my gandmother’s note was found, and for several years she corresponded back and forth with the woman from England.

When my Uncle passed away this fall, my Aunt wanted to get rid of all the old photos he had where she didn’t know who the people were. Mixed in with old family photos were pictures of this family in England.

On a whim, I decided to post them to Facebok with the info written on the back to see if I might be able to find them.

A friend of mine who is into Genealogy did some searches and tracked down the family, including the married names of the daughters. I then tracked them down on Facebook. I know I found them, because one of them actually posted an old photo of her parents on Facebook, and it is definitely the same woman in the photos I have.

I tried contacting one of the sisters on Facebook, but she doesn’t seem to be terribly active, so I decided to contact a younger family member as well. Neither of them have replied. . I am trying to decide if I should contact some more people by Facebook or write some snail mail, or if there is some other, easier way to do this.


One of the sisters did mention in the comments on the old picture of her mother that she does not have a lot of pictures of her father from that era, and he is in one of the pictures I have. If nothing else, it might be nice for them to get copies of the pictures I have. My Mom thinks she might have some more of the photos that their mother sent my grandmother somewhere in her stash of old photos as well, though she has gone south for the winter right now.


The photos scanned kind of dark, so either way I will need to adjust them a bit before I send them. I am not quite sure how to fix them.