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Slightly horrifying basement discovery

We live in an old house. It's so old in fact that they are not entirely sure how old it is.

Anyways, with old houses, mice often come with the territory. Today I noticed one of the traps in the basement had been set off, but it appeared to be empty. It happens sometimes, so I went to reset it. It was this style of trap:

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So I squeeze the trap open, to discover a severed mouse head inside staring back at me.

The trap does not slam hard enough to decapitate a mouse, and even if it did, where the hell is the body? The head was pretty cleanly severed along the line of mousetrap's edge.


Now we do have a cat, but to my knowledge he has never eaten a mouse. He's caught maybe 3 in the 3 years we have been in the house. And I don't know how he managed that, because last night I chased a baby mouse straight towards the cat, so close the mouse ran under the cat, and all the cat did was run away.

So, I really hope some other mice dragged the carcass away. Otherwise I am concerned we might have something larger in the basement...The trap was in that part of the basement because there is a hole in the wall there that goes into our neighbour's basement. I keep blocking the hole, and something keeps pushing the blockage out. Tomorrow Mr. I is going to the hardware store to get a more permanent solution for the hole.

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