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Slightly indignant

I am really fucking sick of main page articles being so goddamned ignorant about anything outside of the US. We're not talking obscure places here, either. Well, maybe I'm biased, but the UK is definitely not some small, off the map little hole.

This is a pretty common thing - randomly mixing up the words England, Great Britain, and UK (roughly analogous to Michigan, Midwest, and USA - one is a political division, one is a region, one is a country), making bizarre and ignorant stereotypes, and so on. [Edit to add: also randomly mixing up Scotland and England]. I'm a big internet slut so I think I have a fairly thick skin but it's endless, seriously endless.

This one is just too much for me. On the stupid Pippa Middleton article there is a line:

What she doesn't realize is that we left that fucking place over 200 years ago and would you kindly please stop shoving the Royal Family down our throats Vanity Fair, it's not like they're the Kennedys or anything.


That fucking place?? Who the hell edits this shit? WHY IS THIS OKAY?

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