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Slimebags Taking $$$ to Let People Live in Contaminated Neighborhoods

Warning: with an al.com article, never ever ever read the comments.

Basically a business didn’t want to deal with financial responsibility for an EPA clean-up, so they bribed government people to mislead the public to prevent additional EPA testing and superfund approval.


Involvement reads like a who’s who of Alabama political douchebags, although only 1 got charged. They basically used fear campaigns in African American communities that if the EPA tested, their property values would drop. And that would be effective, because being a superfund site does tank property values, except the heavy metal exposures are still there. Also, they are doing “clean-up” work on the soil but the fucking coke stacks are still dumping pollution in the air. I can’t blame people for being concerned about, because it’s not like POC in Alabama have a history of fair dealings by the government and it would be easy to believe you’d get fucked again with no buyout options.

Article about the people still living in these North Birmingham neighborhoods —

So that’s horrifying for the people still living there.

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