Do you ever wonder if your gynecologist just sees you as another cervix? You're sure to stand out in the stirrups if you're wearing this edgy handmade IUD! This IUD was fashioned in Oakland, California by a women's art collective which strives to bring a every woman's unique spirit to their form of birth control*.

This device also doubles as a surprise cock-mangler โ€“ order it today to add the excitement of possible genital rending** to your hardcore Valentine's Day canoodling, you saucy minx!

Quick, order now โ€“ supply is limited and the FDA could shut us down at any time. Enter special code PIVINGDANGEROUSLY and this WTF Of A Kind exclusive can be yours for just $115 plus shipping and handling.

* This claim has not been evaluated by the FDA.

** This claim has been evaluated by the FDA.