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Slow Burn, Season 2- anyone listening? I have Linda Tripp opinions *EDITED FOR LIGHT SPOILERS*

I have been listening to Slow Burn Season 2 about the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and boy howdy, is it enlightening. I turned 18 in September 1992 so voting for Bill Clinton was my first presidential election. By the time the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and impeachment happened, I was in college and not really politically engaged. I definitely had a lot of internal misogyny that I had not even begun to deal with then, because I remember having a very bad opinion of Monica. Listening now, I think a whole lot of people owe her apologies.



What I really want to talk about is the latest episode where they interview Linda Tripp. WHAT THE FUCK, LINDA?? You knew the Clinton administration was doing unsavory shit, but you don’t want to specify what? She is soooooooooo the suck up to the big bad in the movie who tattles about any little thing she doesn’t like. (I’m thinking of Roz in 9 to 5). And you cared soooooooo much about Monica that you TAPED CONVERSATIONS WITH HER FOR 3 MONTHS AND LIED TO HER FACE? Yes, Monica was young, but she was an adult, whether you like it or not. How about TALKING TO HER DIRECTLY and telling her you were scared for her. I doubt she did that. She took it upon herself to insert herself into the situation, TAPE HER FUCKING CALLS WITH HER, ASK HER LEADING QUESTIONS TO REPEAT SHIT SHE TOLD YOU BEFORE so you had it on tape, and then took the whole thing to A CONSERVATIVE LITERARY AGENT? You smell like 50 tons of bullshit, Linda. FAUX PATERNALISM. FAUX I SAY!

She is doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to absolve herself from any guilt. MAYBE REPEATEDLY LYING TO YOUR QUOTE UNQUOTE FRIEND SO YOU CAN GET INCRIMINATING SHIT ON TAPE IS A BAD THING TO DO!!!

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