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Slow day at GT OT

It’s been a slow day here so I thought I’d do an OT so those of you without authoring privs and those of you who have stuff to say but are hesitant to do a whole post can talk about what’s going on for you!

I woke up this am to find that my roommate had put the thing we use to hold up the kitchen window on top of my pots of seedlings! It didn’t hurt them, but how rude! Don’t hurt my baby plants!

Yesterday I won a research award from the NIH - and in the same day got a manuscript rejection. But in that rejection, one of the reviewers called my previous research “foundational” - which is kind of amazing. So it was a roller coaster of a day! Tonight I had drinks with two colleagues and we talked about how we are going to take over the world - it was lovely.


Afterwards a man came up to me and told me I was okay looking, but that he didn’t want to f*$% me. Yesterday a man on the street commented I was “a strong woman” and made some comment about my f*$%ability - or lack thereof (I didn’t really hear that part). Very weird.

Anyway - talk about whatever you want!

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